BretmanRock x ColourPop Wet and Lit Collection Video - Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Nov 9, 2018

  • Shop the Collection : https://bit.ly/2qFaWHb Please Give it a Thumbs Up and Share this video! Merch: BretmanRock.com Wanna send me something? PO Box 60430 Ewa Beach, Hi 96706 Affiliation / Discount Codes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morphe- 10% off entire purchase https://www.morphebrushes.com Code: BretmanRock Ofra Cosmetics: Code: BretmanRock Ofracosmetics.com Nubounsom Lashes- 20% entire purchase https://www.nubounsom.com Code: Bretman Lilly Lashes- 10% off entire Purchase https://www.lillylashes.com Code: Bretman White With Style : $28 for any whitening kits https://www.whitewithstyle.com LAGirlUsa.com Code: BretmanRock10 for 10% off Keep in touch with me and Follow me for more updates My links: Website: BretmanRock.com Instagram: @Bretmanrock http://instagram.com/bretmanrock/Twit... @BretmanRock https://twitter.com/bretmanrock Snapchat: @BretmanRockTumblr: bretmanrock.tumblr.comBusiness Facebook: The Bretman Rock Email/Business: Bretmanpromo@gmail.com
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  • I hope you guys have enough patience to watch all the way thru the end... I love you guys!!

  • Why am I crying like a baby 001f62d WE LOVE YOU BRETMAN. Been here since day 1 on IG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Princess is so gorgeous like wtf

  • The fact that it’s HIGH quality but still inexpensive, ICON.

  • I keep staring at Princess's make up! It looks so good on her

  • The end was the most genuine moment I’ve ever watched from a Youtuber. That was actually so beautiful to watch. Congrats Bretman. You truly do deserve this doll baby.

  • Princess: I'm back from the dead bi***, so wheres my seat.

  • Filipinos are so proud of you! Thank you for always entartaining and inspiring us. You deserve all the blessings that you’re getting!!! ❤️

  • Bretman!!! It was never the makeup! It was never the products... it was and still is YOU! Your energy, your personality, your heart and you mind that attracted people to you... you were alway destined for greatness... the world was always going to know about you!!! 001f970❤️ makeup or no makeup... we love BRETMAN ROCK

  • Mae: Skinny Legend.

  • Your authenticity and being persistent about sticking to who you truly are and not "selling out" is what I have always admired. Your ability to not worry about fitting in, being molded by your peers and even people with power; you still manage to be yourself. Thank you for acknowledging the Filipino community as well and literally incorporating it in your work. It doesn't go unnoticed and makes me SO proud. I can go on and on... You're simply amazing and truly deserve it all!

  • Wow....you are such an inspiration Bretman. This ending honestly makes me want to do better in school and work my ass off to do what I love in the future. I love you so much and I am so glad there's someone like you to represent the Philippines cause you are everything! I can't wait to see what else life has in stored for you....or whatteeevvaaaaahhh 3

  • Blue is her color 001f60d

  • "It's just me the brushes and the makeup"

  • The people who disliked are such losers like this was a great video

  • bretman will always be my inspiration and role model. I love Bretman so much and I wish nothing but happiness for him.

  • i genuinely don't like makeup but to see how passionate you are about it touches my heart. i'll always hold your hand through every obstacle, you aren't alone. i love you and thank you for opening up, i'll always support you and accept you. you're doing so great, keep going and reach for something bigger because you have us. i'm so proud, so so proud. you made so many people proud. you are so amazing.

  • Bretman, you suck!

  • The best Youtuber ever ❤️❤️ This is the definition of making your dreams come true and remaining true to yourself.

  • I really went from laughing to crying in one video oOF